One Word Project: Stranger

One Word Project: Stranger

This One Word Project word is ‘Stranger’. I took a bit of a different approach to this one. These photos are of my good friend Mary. As you can tell, she’s 9 months pregnant here and glowing! One Saturday morning Mary and I met up for brunch and I happened to bring my camera along. I gave her no warning what-so-ever, as it was a last minute thought, and fingers crossed I asked if she would graciously model for me. Being the good friend she is, Mary was happy to do so.

Although Mary has been a friend of mine for years, her little one is a ‘Stranger’ for now but not for much longer. Looking forward to meeting this little one soon!




Now go check out Shelly’s version of ‘Stranger’

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  1. i like the creativity in interpretation ;) hehe how cool is it that you posted on the baby’s birthday?!
    you might just need to get back into doing some portrait photography!!

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