One Word Project: Close

One Word Project: Close

The focus for the One Word Project for September was the word “Close.” I wasn’t sure what I was going to do for this one and then it dawned on me…ping (light bulb)…I should take a roll using my telephoto lens. I was kind of excited about this one because one of my favorite qualities about photography is the ability a camera has to capture an ordinary object in a new light.

I enjoy seeing the world through the eyes of a camera lens because it gives me the ability to focus in and also to crop out. I enjoy seeing the beauty that the things in our everyday lives posses and to me a camera captures that beauty so well.

So, here are some things I see in my everyday life. I walk past them all the time and rarely take time to notice the beauty they really do hold…from a worn out volkswagon bug to sunflowers in my garden, here I’m taking a “closer look” at the everyday.





The black and shots of the peppers below is my ode to one of my favorite photographers, Edward Weston. He’s well known for his series of black and white images of peppers. Love the form, shadow, shape, and all those lovely elements of design that are displayed in the little guys in these images.



Shelly’s is coming soon!

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  1. Madison, these are awesome!! I can see the wheels turning in that creative side of your brain! I have to say my favs are the cut off stump and flower on the ground. Love where you went with ‘close’! You need to order some more film pronto and keep ‘em comin’!!!

  2. Boo!! I am so impressed! I really think that you need to enter these and more like them into a photo competition! You are so talented and I really believe that you can go far with this! Great job love!

    Love ya!

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