Madindy was created by Madison Sommerfield as a resource hot spot for creative and healthy living.

The Creative: A native Hoosier, Madison has always had a passion for design, art, architecture, photography, and anything DIY and crafty. After moving to the chicagoland region to complete a Bachelor of Arts & Architecture at Judson University, Madison married her college sweetie, Matt Sommerfield.

The Healthy: For most her life Madison managed various health issues through the use of conventional medicine (you know…doctors never finding the root cause, but just treating symptoms with prescription on top of prescription). The problem never solved, just managed. After these life long health struggles escalated, Madison began pursuing natural, homeopathic, and diet based treatments that have helped her tremendously. Through her own trials to triumph, managing a restricted diet and understanding homeopathic treatments, Madison hopes to become a resource for the ever increasing population of people with food allergies and chronic health conditions.

Madison hopes that Madindy will inspire, educate, and empower her readers to live creative and healthy lives!

*Madison is not a doctor, doesn’t pretend to be a doctor, and does not have the education of a doctor. She offers all health living information based upon her own research and experience. As with any health advice you get, take healthy living information with a grain of salt and always consult your doctor first before implementing.