Laugh Today

Laugh Today

I thought I’d start the week off with something to make you Laugh Today. Matt and I recently took a trip down to St. Louis with some college friends to visit other friends. We stopped at this gas station in the middle of nowhere and saw this sign on the side of the gas station. Now I love the south. I mean I have a lot of family that lives there, but I just had to laugh at this one. We decided this was one of those…”You know you’re in the south when…”

We thought it was great that this gas station not only serves Champs Chicken, hot pretzels and chili, but just in case you had a craving during your long drive you can also purchase gizzards, liver and catfish while you your pump gas here. Sorry, I can’t remember exactly where this station is, so you’ll just have to find somewhere else to buy your gizzards, liver, and catfish along the highway! LOL!

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