Gluten Free: Where’s the Gluten?

Gluten Free: Where’s the Gluten?

Do you notice that your face or stomach area is swollen or looks puffy?
Do you have eczema or skin rashes that never seem to go away?

If you said yes to one of these questions and nothing has seemed to help then you may benefit from a Gluten Free diet!

If you’ve decided to go GF you may be confused as to what foods have gluten in them. So, here’s an extensive break down list.
Please DO NOT let this list scare you! I’ll be following this post in the days and weeks to come with foods, products, and recipes to add into your diet because there are so many things out there you’ll just have to become aware of.

I suggest printing the list and putting it on a note card and carrying it with you at all times in your wallet or purse.

Obvious Sources of Gluten:
Bagels Barley
Biscuits Bran
Bread Cake
Cookies Crackers
Croutons Cupcakes
Doughnuts Flour
Graham Crackers Gluten
Muffins Noodles
Pancakes Pasta
Pastries Pie
Pretzels Rye
Tortillas Waffles
Wheat flour, germ, starch

Less Obvious Sources of Gluten:
Unless otherwise noted on the packaging these do or may contain gluten
Alcohol Graham Flour
Couscous Durum
Kamut Malt syrup, extract
Malt Vinegar Matzo Meal
Muesli Oats, Oatmeal, Oat Bran
Semolina Spelt
Triticale BBQ Sauce
Groats Beer
Ice Cream Ketchup
Lunch Meats Brewer’s Yeast
Mustard Caramel Coloring
Cereal Binding Pharmaceuticals
Cheese Chewing Gum
Rice Milks or Syrups Sauces
Chocolate Sausages
Couscous Sherbet
Shortening Einkorn
Soup Farina
Soy Milk or sauce Vitamins
French Fries Whole Meal Flour
Gliadin Yogurt (also frozen)
Soy Milk or Sauce Farro

Common Additives that May be Hidden Gluten Sources:
Bouillon Maltose
Caramel Coloring Modified Food Starch
Coloring Mono and diglycerides
Dextrin MSG
Emulsifiers Natural Flavorings
Fillers Seasoning Blends
Flavor Extracts Soy Sauce or shoyu
Hydrolyzed plant Stabilizers
or vegetable protein Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP)

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