Winter Decor: Bringing the Outside Indoors

Winter Decor: Bringing the Outside Indoors

I’ve had these branches that we had to cut off the bottom of our Christmas tree to make it fit into the stand for over a month. They’ve been sitting on my porch and I’ve been determined to make something with them. I finally got around to it just in time for New Year’s Eve. I actually ended up having enough branches to make 2 arrangements for my home. Here’s how I made them and what they turned out like. Hope it inspires!

Florist Foam
Evergreen branches
Large sticks from the yard
White paint or spray paint

Step 1:
Spray paint or use foam brush to paint sticks white.

Step 2:
Place floral foam in vase. If the mouth of the vase is narrow you may not need floral foam.

Step 3:
Push evergreen branches into floral foam, so the branches form a ring around the outside of the container.

Step 4:
Push sticks into the center of the ring. Make sure to continue to rotate the vase as you make it so that all sides of the arrangement look similar.


Below is the second arrangement from the left over branches.

Start creating!

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