Ask Away!

Ask Away!

I want to know what my readers want to know more about.

Did you just find out that you have to follow a restricted diet and don’t know where to start?

Did you find an interesting food in the grocery and don’t know what to cook with it?

Do you have a special event coming up and don’t know what food to make for it?

Do you have some random stuff at home that you’ve been wanting to turn into home decor but don’t know where to start?

Did you find a crazy object at the thrift store you just had to buy but have no idea what to do with it?

Let me know! I’d love to post answering your question!

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  1. Madindy, I love cooking soups and stews in the winter, however most I know of contain many carbs,
    i.e. potatoes, carrots, beans. Can you provide some that are healthy and very low in carbs, esp. no pasta. Thanks, Peggy in TX.

  2. Madison, I was just able to take a look at your blog today and I’m very impressed. I’ll definitely be checking your blog on a regular basis. I, too, like and have used several of her recipes. Keep up the good work!

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