„Our Government is not interested for services of Freemasons“


15.06.2009 | 17:36

S media, Photo: Attica Media

History of Freemasonry in world has always been under veil of secrecy, mostly due our own masonic culture of prefering more to stay silent, within shadows, away from eyes of non masons. And there was good reasons for that. For centuries, Freemasons and Craft were always being targeted by Vatican, whole Roman Catholic world, and by totalitarian regimes and petty dictators. Since that time Freemasonry was always subject of sensational figment, myth’s, story’s, conspiracy’s, folklore tales, and eventually urban legends.

According to one of masonic legends, Freemasons were, pupil’s and descendant’s of Master Mason Hiram, who build Solomon’Temple “House of God”. It is also said that Freemasons, descend from Knight Templars, Legendary Knights, who’s keepers of Jesus blood, and there are some who believe that they brought to Europe nothing less than a Holy Grail, and many other relics from there Crusades in Holy Land.

Grand Master Brother Cedomir Vukic, 33 IGH, KT reached to the top of masonic ladders, and he is Grand Master of Regular Grand Lodge of Serbia. He has PhD in Economics, with very impressive carrier. He was vice president of Serbian Chamber of Commerce, he worked  in Federal Government of Republic of Yugoslavia as independent senior consultant, he was director and also financial director of several company’s, exclusive representative ofAmerican Corporate funding for South-East Europe and list goes on…He is Honorable member of over 30 lodges all over world, from Australia across Europe to Canada and United States.

Mr. Vukic told us that he decided to go public and to acknowlege that he is Freemason after 20 years of hiding his, some would say dual identity, and he did that only for simple reason, because Freemasonry is not Conspiracy organization and unholy mysticism  as some people would like to label Freemasonry today.

Masonic organization is not public or social club, but every where in civilized world there are Masonic Halls, structures, buildings, where Freemasons gather as a Lodge and work as such. There is plaque in front of every such Masonic Hall, and on it it is written, name of Lodge, her number, and name of Grand Lodge under which Jurisdiction it operates, only in our country that is not The case – that is what Mr. Vukic told us and added that masonry in Serbia is divided for long time.

Issues started with Grand Lodge Yugoslavia in 1939, and she had to be put to self sleep since Germany started WW II. Germans was also reason for many masonic Lodges seizure to work, and many masons died in concentration death camps. After 1945. Lodges in Continetal Western Europe started to live once more, but in country’s of Eastern Europe it started only at the dawn of 1990’s. In ex SFRY it was arranged forming of Grand Lodge Yugoslavia, as continue to tradition of Grand Lodge before WW II, and that arrangement was concluded between Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Is it the case that there was many fractions in masonry, after fall of Yugoslavia?

But of course.In 1993 group of Freemasons, left and went to Italy in to city of Rimini to one of our members, who was also member of one Italian Lodge. This ten people (some of theme are still alive) summoned extraordinary Grand Assembly , and those ten persons was only one present at that Assembly. What they did is to change name from Grand Lodge Yugoslavia to Regular Grand Lodge Yugoslavia. They registered later at Yugoslavian Federal Ministry of Justice, and Regular Grand Lodge Yugoslavia as such continued to work, since it had primate and she was acknowledged by some European and some other Grand Lodges. Regular Grand Lodge Yugoslavia, also suffered another blow in 1997, when one fraction separated and they left for under Jurisdiction of Grand Lodge of France who is in official masonic circle not recognized as regular, but instead as irregular so called masonic body. And even there they had lots of troubles among them self’s, fighting over positions, who will become Grand Master etc. But RGLS managed, with some minor turbulences to survive and function till 2004, when once again some issues was arisen, but it continued till 2006, when State Union of Serbia and Montenegro sized to exist. At that time there was some 20 operating Lodges, and 5 of those was from Montenegro, and they left with there newly established state. In Serbia from remaining 15 Lodges, eleven left Regular Grand Lodge Yugoslavia and they consolidated and registered as Regular Grand Lodge of Serbia.

Could You tell me, are there any divisions in Serbian Masonry today?

There are divisions between so called Obedience’s, it is Serbian terminology for many Grand Lodges, regular and irregular who operates in Serbian dominion. Those are same divisions from past. On one side we have group of people, leftovers of communist regime, group of people that are heavily pushing  to keep there own domination and supremacy, but things don’t go in that direction since Regular Grand Lodge of Serbia is legally registered in Republic of Serbia within Ministry for Local government and self government. It is one and only suprime masonic power, one that function without divisions, who has its own Grand Master and 16 operating Lodges, dully registered with authority’s of Republic of Serbia, and it is one that will stay solid for long time. On other hand, masonic Hall’s that once belonged to The Craft, were confiscated and nationalized after end of WW II. Masonic Lodges don’t have there own Hall’s in there own possession in real sense of that word. We are all managing, either we work in hotels, restaurants as our brothers labored centuries ago, congressional halls, but we are  in function we work and we exist…Those are some of minor problems that Freemasons face in Serbia, andit will be like that until government don’t pass Low of Restitution of sized and nationalized property. On my own presumption, masonry owned property before WW II, is now worth about 150 and 200 millions in Euros, but that property is out of reach of Serbian Freemasons.

Sanja Vajagic