Brother Academic Milorad Pavic

Bard of postmodern Serbian literature was born 15, October 1929, in Belgrade. He went on his last voyage to the eternal East on 30th November 2009. He was Serbian prose writer, historian of Serbian literature of 17-19. century, an expert on Baroque and symbolism, may be best Serbian translator of works of Pushkin and Byron, Professor of University. He was a Freemason, member of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences since 1991. years until his departure, member of Crown council. He was married to Mrs. Jasmina Mihajlovic, which is a writer and literary critic.

He was born in the zodiac sign of Libra, and hes ascendant was Scorpio, in Aztec zodiac he was a snake.

Brother Pavic was a novelist, storyteller, poet and playwright, he gave up the impression of writer whose writing style was all natural inserted. To date, brother of Pavic, had over 80 different translations of his books in different languages all around the world. By eminent experts from Europe, USA and Brazil, brother Milorad Pavic nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature.

At the beginning of his literary and professorial career brother Pavic published a book of lyrics called Palimpsest in 1967, and the History of Serbian literature of the Baroque era in 1970, along with  Vojislav Ilic and European Poetry in 1971 year. The second book of songs Moon Stone published in 1971, and the first collection of stories Iron Curtain in 1973. The following Review story: Horses of Saint Mark (1976), Russian Hound (1979), New Belgrade stories (1981), Spirit’s are taking there last bath (1982).

Brother Pavic domestic and world fame came with novel Dictionary of the Khazars, which was published in 1984 year. This kind of Lexicon in 100,000 words, critics and audiences quickly proclaimed the essential reading for the new century to come. Many critics noted that brother Pavic is writer of wonderful imagination and the leader of European post modernism.

The second novel, Landscape Painted with Tea (1988) the author offers exciting work for fans of crossword puzzles. In 1991st he published his third novel, The inside of the wind, and Last Love in Constantinople (the manual for divination) that came to light in 1994.

In addition to this quartet of novels that are crucial for a comprehensive review of creativity of brother Pavic, an Hat from fish skin (Love Story) 1996, Glass snail (stories from the Internet) 1998, Box Writing in 1999, and novels Stellar mantle(astrological guide for the uninitiated) 2000, Unique 2004… In 2005 he released a comedy Wedding in the bathroom.

Academician brother Milorad Pavic’s was the winner of several literary awards, such as the NIN Award for 1985; Mesa Selimovic Award for 1988; Award of the National Library of Serbia for 1988; Borisav Stankovic Award for 1992, silver medal for Felix Romulijana 1992; October Award City of Belgrade for 1992; Prosveta Award for 1994; Stefan Mitrov Ljubisa Award for 1994; Kočić Award for 1994; Vuk Award for 1996; Andric Award. He was an honorary doctor of Sofia University and president of the Serbian – Ukrainian society, the European Society of Culture, the Serbian PEN Centre, member of the Crown Council, as a Freemason, He was one of the founders of Regular Grand Lodge of Yugoslavia, which resulted as transformation from the Grand Lodge of Yugoslavia in Rimini, Italy in 1993 due to beginning of the civil war in Yugoslavia among other things.

He left us in Beograd on 30th of November 6009. as a result of a heart attack. The earthly remains of esteemed brother were buried on Thursday 3rd December in the Alley of Great’s in New Cemetery in Belgrade. Requiem was served by bishop of  Sabac Lavrentije and bishop Atanasije. On behalf of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences his farewell speech was given by Vice President of Serbian Academy of Science and Arts, Academician Nikola Tasic, and on behalf of the Crown Council and the Department of Language and Literature Academcian Svetlana Velmar-Jankovic. New cemetery funeral was attended by delegation of his masonic brothers, as some press magazines covered it on there front pages “They was present too, standing little on a side in silence”. Appellate ritual was held in the premises of the lodge in the presence of brothers only, with wishes that The Great Architect of All Worlds illuminate his path, and to receive him in the Celestial Lodge above when he reach Golden Gate’s of Eternal East.

He wrote his autobiography, and some parts of it we transfer here.

“I am a writer for two hundred years. Back in 1766th a Pavic published in Budapest his collection of songs, since that time we are the considered as literature family.

I was born in 1929th on the shore of one of the four rivers of Eden at 8 hours and 30 minutes in the morning in Libra (Ascendant Scorpio), the Aztecs horoscope snake.

The first time I was bombed, I was 12 years in 1941. Another time I was 15 years old. Between the two bombings I feel in love for the first time, and under German occupation i was forced to learned German. Then I learned English from one gentleman who was smoking a fragrant pipe tobacco and did not know English very well. At the same time the first time I forgot the French (in future I forget it even for the second time). Finally, in one school for dog’s timiding, where I found myself running away from the Anglo-American bombing in 1945, a Russian immigrant who was old Imperial officer began giving me lessons of Russian from the Russian book of poems by Feta Tjutčeva, and some other Russian books he had. Today I think the language was my kind of turning into different enchanted animals.

I loved the two John’s – John of Damascus and John Chrysostom (gold mouthed).

A lot more love I received in my books than in my life. With one exception, which is still ongoing. Night in my dream was like a sweet glue to both of my cheeks.

By the 1984th I was most wanted writer in my country, and from that year onwards. I also wrote a novel in a form of dictionary, the other in the form of crossword puzzles, in the form of third and fourth Klepsidra as a handbook for divination tarot cards. The fifth was the astrological guide for the uninitiated. I tried to be less present in those novels. I believe that the novel is like a cancer, metastasis of their own lives and feeds with it. As time passes, I am less a writer of my present books and more writer of books of the future, that probably will never be written.

To my dismay my books are now translated into about a hundred times in various languages. In short, I have no biography. I have a bibliography. Critics in France and Spain recorded that I am the first writer of 21st century, and I lived in the 20th century, when one had to prove his innocence, not his guilt.

The biggest disappointments in life brought me victorys. Winings are not paid off.

I did not kill anyone, but I was killed, long before my death. For my books, it would be better for them if author was a Turk or German. I was a famous writer of most hated  people in the world – the Serbian people.

The new millennium began for me in 1999 (with three reverse sixes) and my third bombing, when NATO planes dropped bombs on Belgrade and Serbia. The river where I live, the Danube, since that time is no longer navigable.

In the 21st century, I entered through the theatrical boards in Palindromic year of 2002, by director Vladimir Petrov, who “launched the first interactive theater swallow in Moscow and won the Russian capital without a battle,” setting the scene “of the Moscow Chekhov Academic Hudojestvena Theatre” my “theater menu – For ever and a day more. Tomaz Pandur in same year built the tower with 365 seats and in it, like in the circus, it was played on the sand played my  “Dictionary of the Khazars” in Belgrade and Ljubljana, transforming in front of obvious audience word in to meat and water in to time. In 2003. Petrograd “Lensov Academic Theatre” welcomed the white nights and anniversary tercentenary of his city to my piece “A Brief History of mankind”.

All in all I can say that I got for my life something  of what many writers get only after death. I think I was blessed by God with his infinite grace by giving me the joy of writing, but I was punished in the same way perhaps because of that joy.

Milorad Pavic “

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